Wireshark and DNS

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DNS tricks

For finding DNS errors you can you use this filter: “dns.flags.rcode > 0”

We used “>0 ” because any Standard DNS query response that has an reply code of 0 is a reply with no error .That means it is returning an IP or CNAME or some other valid DNS repsonse.

In this case as an example to see how a DNS error will look like we are searching for a domain that does not exist and we get the obvious error code 0011 “No such name”:

One nice thing to do is to add the “DNS Time” to you wireshark as a column to see the response times of the DNS queries . You can do this by right clicking on the Time and add it as a Column. You can call it as you like it does not have to be “DNS time”

Now you will be able to see the response times in a Column and it would be easier to spot which queries are slower or DNS server that is busy. In this example i am looking for responses that have response time greated than 0.5 seconds: “dns.time > 0.5”

Other filters that you can use for DNS are (values and names are just for example):

dns.qry.name == example.com
dns.resp.name == example.com
dns.resp.name == example.com and dns.time > 0.01

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